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Enter your preferred models, key in the required details and generate a cost-based comparison chart using the online calculator.

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Operational details

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Material carried - in Tons :*

Lead distance - in Kms :*

Trip Time - in minutes :*

No of Working Hrs/day :*

No of oprerating days/month :*

No of operating months/Year :*

Expense details

Avg Diesel Mileage in KMPL :*

Fuel Price in Rs :*

Cost of New Tyres in Rs :*

Tyre Life Front in Kms :*

Tyre Life Rear in Kms :*

Cost of maintenance /month in Rs :*

Crew Salary /month :*

Finance details

Purchase Price:*

% of Finance:*  %
Rate of Interest:*  %
Tenure in Years:*

Moratarium in Months:*

Revenue details

Revenue Rate in Rs/:*   

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