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As a fleet owner, are you always worried about the efficiency and productivity of your fleet? Are your vehicles following the specified routes? Is the driver halt time exceeding the set limit? Has there been a mishap on the way? Is the fuel consumption for one or more vehicles increasing all of a sudden? Don't you wish you could monitor the vehicles continuously without depending on the driver's periodic updates?

You can now put all your anxieties to rest with the all-new Tata FleetMan - The Fleet Telematics system from Tata Motor. You can effectively monitor all the vehicles in your fleet individually and collectively, on a real time basis. It not only helps you track your vehicles, but also provides you with information and scientific tools to better manage your fleet thereby increasing its efficiency, productivity and hence profitability.

While Tata FleetMan does all a telematics system can do, it holds out a bigger promise. The OE fitment of Telematics units on the vehicle at the time of production ensures better integration with the vehicle systems. This enhances the reliability as well as the life of the Telematics units.

Additionally, there exists the potential of combining Telematics with different vehicular systems like engine management system, fuel delivery system, transmission system, etc. to launch Telematics applications in fuel management, prognostics and diagnostics.

Tata FleetMan also leverages the nationwide reach of Tata Motors dealer network to offer its services in all corners of the country. With Tata FleetMan, owners and operators of Tata vehicles will have an additional tool in their hands for managing their fleet in a productive and profitable way.



Set specific zones around the areas where your vehicles will be travelling. This concept is known as Geo-Fences. These fences notify you if any of the vehicles move out of these zones via SMS or email.

Tata FleetMan provides a system that notifies you whenever your vehicle moves out of the authorised areas. These include delivery points, loading & unloading sites, warehouses, factories etc.


A range of alerts designed to notify you via email or SMS for various situations like over-speeding, stoppage, main supply removal, entering/ exiting a geo-fence etc.

These alerts enable you to take quick and swift action in case of emergencies or urgent issues.

Trip Management

Assign a specific trip to any vehicle within your fleet with start and end locations, specify the load carried and the estimated time of arrival at the destination. The Tata FleetMan System tracks the specified vehicle and provides alerts as per the parameters set.

Trip Management helps you increase your cost efficiency with the best fleet utilisation through trip assignments and tracking of your vehicle.

Report Generation

Generate the reports of your choice like vehicle travel, over-speeding, stoppage, fleet summary, etc. and improve the performance of your fleet.

Tata FleetMan makes sure you get an in-depth analysis which in turn helps you improve your fleet performance and also keeps you up to date which helps you analyze the benefits of new operational performances implemented.

SMS Based Query Facility

Determine the current location on your mobile by sending an SMS to the server.

The SMS Based Query Facility provides you with all the information of your vehicle at any given time or place.

Remote Unit Management

The units installed in your vehicles can be diagnosed, programmed or configured by the over-the-air programming facility.

Remote Unit Management reduces the need to visit a service centre thereby saving time and expenses.
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