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Sampoorna Seva

It is a comprehensive service package and a complete solution for the upkeep of your vehicle. At a pre fixed price, routine maintenance, oils & filters change, hub greasing & all type of repairs including wear & tear items will be done by us free of cost on your vehicle during the contract period. Even highway support or any breakdown will be attended by us through our dealers/TASS network free of cost. This will not only ensure trouble free long operation with max up time, but also save you from service botheration and follow ups. Your driver will be trained by us and he can visit any of our authorised workshops, widely available across the selected highways and avail services/repairs without even bothering you for the same.

Sampoorna Seva means "A complete Care of your Vehicle"

Your concern to maintain the vehicle has been taken over by us. You can trust us for this work and concentrate more on the logistics of your business to maximize operation and earn more profit.

  • No need to worry about the quality of maintenance as your vehicle will be in the safe hands of the Tata Motors approved workshops.
  • Parts used for service and repair will be genuine and bears the quality guarantee of Tata Motors.
  • Vehicle will remain fit & new all through & its resale would be better.
  • Vehicle although warranted for 24 months and or 2 lakh kms don't cover :
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Oils & Filters Change
    • Hubs Greasing
  • Replacement of
    • Belts & Rubber parts
    • Gaskets & oil seals
    • Bearings
    • Clutch
    • Brake liners
    • Repairs not part of warranty (as & when required)

Under this package, your driver needs to just drive down vehicle to any of our identified authorised workshop on selected highways and avail of aforesaid services, absolutely free of cost.

What's more, in case your driver is held up on the highway, just call our 24 hours Customer Assistance Centre at Mumbai through a Toll Free Number : 1800 209 7979 absolutely free. We will organise support through our nearest set up.

Some additional benefits to you through this service:

  • Prompt attention to your vehicle, once it reports to any service stations.
  • Optimum level of performance through proper and timely maintenance resulting into less operating cost in the long term.
  • Convenience of service through widely available service stations all over.
  • Single window contact by the driver in case of assistance required.
  • Under this package, your driver just needs to drive the vehicle down to any of the service stations.
  • Regular training of driver through interaction with our persons will build more confidence in him & enhance his driving skills.
  • 24 hours accessibility to TATA Motors owned
    Toll Free Number: 1800 209 7979 / 022 - 6792 7474 absolutely free.
    Fax: 022 - 6792 7081
    Email: cac@tatamotors.com

Details of Maintenance and Repairs covered under this scheme:

You may be thinking that on your new vehicle warranty covers all the expenses on failures and why such a service will be required which means an additional burden. We are giving here under answers to your query and sharing with you as to what we are going to offer you in our Sampoorna Seva package:-

  • We are sure that once in a way, you should have read Operator Service Book (OSB), which describes in details of preventive maintenance & upkeep of your vehicle. Our service schedule is so designed that your vehicle requires to visit our authorized workshop at least once in 9,000 Kms interval for preventive maintenance. Here is our service offer to you:-
  • All the services as per OSB
  • Replacement of wear & tear items like clutch, brake lines, king pin kits, propeller shaft centre bearing & its rubber, hubs oil seals & bearings, ball joints, fan belt etc. as & when required.
  • Servicing of alternator & starter motor once in 18 months or earlier if required.
  • Repairs of all aggregates, should they require so with in contract period.

Moreover anytime, anywhere the vehicle needs any highway support, we are there to help you out.

Items excluded for free replacement under this scheme:

There are certain items which are not covered for free replacement under this scheme, however repairs/replacement of these parts can be carried out on charge basis :-

  • Tyres/Tubes/Rims Replacement.
  • Paint services related to chrome, upholstery, door trims, floor mats, roof linings, glass work, body work, or any other super structure or services of other accessories added to the vehicle post manufacture or equipment not fitted as standard to the vehicle.
  • Fuel & Air Tank
  • Daily Check ups
  • Trailer & Coupling
  • Bulb Replacement.(All Types)
  • Glasses including windscreen glass
  • Wiper and its blades
  • Battery repairs or replacement
  • Spring leafs & suspension work including shock absorbers
  • Chassis frame failures and repairs
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